Grad talk 2017: The responsibility of an education

As the DP Coordinator, I was given the chance to say a few words at graduation on Saturday. Here is a bit of what I had to say.

I have many memories of you as a class, but perhaps the strongest is having you all in TOK on a Wednesday morning the morning that a surprising event had happened in the news. For the sake of diplomacy I will pretend I don’t remember when it happened. Was it in early November? I think maybe it was. It was a strange moment, even stranger than usual for TOK. And what struck me then, and what has struck me many times since, is the responsibility of an education.

The world needs people that know things, that can tell the difference between opinion and analysis, the difference between weather and climate; that have an understanding of culture and context and their complications;

The world needs people that know that outcome relies upon process; that see honest reflection -- yes, I said it, reflection -- as a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness; that will not just accept what is written on the side of a bus or in a tweet, but will seek out truth and defend it.

You and people like you are what the world needs now, what it has always needed, and what it will always need.
You have given me the last word, and so I say, it is your world now -- take it, explore it, root out its stupidity and preserve its goodness.