TED talks, homeroom & 'Music that helps me'

I've mentioned this before: TED Talks are a great resource for my grade 10 homeroom class. (Here's the class diigo list.) For instance, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on flow gave us a foundation for talking about their long-term academic goals that we have used all year.

The week before the holiday, I was absent on the day we have homeroom, and I wanted them to do some sharing, building a sense of unity. I set up a forum on Moodle and in the assignment embedded this TED talk:

They had a few discussion questions, and then the Forum assignment:
Music has a power to help us out in many, many ways. 
Go to YouTube and find a video for music that helps you in some way, in changing your emotional state, inspiring you, etc. Embed the video in a discussion topic and write a brief note about what the song does for you.
I then provided a quick guide to how to embed a YouTube video.

I've been listening to these songs all week. The variety of music the students posted was fantastic, and the commentary was inspiring. They commented on each other's posts showing a surprising desire to discover and appreciate music to which they usually wouldn't listen.

Even better: the conversation has continued over the holiday, and many students have talked about finding that music as well, sharing and expanding their musical tastes, looking for music that might help them so how.

I wanted a moment of chatting about music: the technology made it possible to extend that further than I had imagined.

Here are a few of the songs: