My annual self-evaluation

from Center for Development and Learning.
I do this every year, but I thought I'd do it publicly this year since I expect my students to make their self-evaluations public. So here we go:

what went well:
  • Integrated media literacy skills into classes, integrated them into Approaches to Learning, did presentation for staff members.
  • Grade 7 Nature Writing unit was great. I'll do that again, and expand it.
  • Grade 10 Language units (History of English & Advertising) went very well. 
  • More focus on formal self-assessment & peer assessment was effective and helpful.
  • Letting go of reading quizzes and doing more practical assignments to check reading was great: nothing lost, a huge amount gained.
  • Generally having formative assessments more closely related to the process and skills of the summative assessment. 
  • Using Moodle more effectively.
  • Use of Google docs for collective note taking.
  • In Diploma classes, continuing to 'loosen up' and encourage students to develop own styles and readings.
  • Evaluating peer feedback on oral commentary practices better than evaluating the practices themselves.
  • Designing learning experiences which emphasize & require collaborative learning (study groups, etc.)
  • Mentored grade 4 writer.
  • Started process of communicating with Lower School LA teachers, especially grades 4-5.
  • Good communication with other Mother Tongue teachers, Language B department.
  • The London trip.
what could have been better
  • Trimester 3.
  • Consistent use of the Smartboard to record & share info.
  • Grade 7: we lingered too long on stuff. I should have pushed them a little more, curtailed some of our discussions a little better. 
  • Giving feedback on assessments faster.
  • Many students in grade 10 lacked skills I expect grade 10s to have. It took me too long to see that and respond to it.
  • Need to give 2XEAL students more attention.
  • Multi-disciplinary units dried up this year.
  • Parent contact was not effective. Conferences are silly.
  • I had no outside speakers. Inter-school collaboration went badly early in the year & I gave up on it.
what I plan to do next year
  • New courses. 
    • I'm teaching IB Diploma Language and Literature, and I need to be ready to move through the language texts in a meaningful way; likewise, the literature units focus much more on contextual readings, including critical theory and especially reader-response. I need to work out how to teach these to high schools in a more systematic way that gives them the freedom to develop different readings of a text.
    • I'm taking over the IB Diploma ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) class, so I need to review a lot of the technical aspects related to the course and be ready to connect them to the kinds of assessments the students do on their exams.
  •  Technology.
    • I need to work out a system by which I keep a list of what needs to be uploaded and where it needs to go at the end of every school day, especially images from the Smartboard and the modeling we do in class.
    • Move class website on my own server to Google sites.
    • Expand use of Google docs, especially for collaboration, including inter-school collaboration.
    • Develop a plan for student blogs, diigo use and the interaction with Moodle.
    • Develop a plan for audio responses to written work.
  • Curriculum development
    • We need to do some training as a department about how to deal with the language units.
    • We need to identify a scope and sequence for Approaches to Learning (learning skills) specific to our subject area.
    • I need to develop one meaningful interdisciplinary unit per MYP class and develop more meaningful TOK links for diploma classes.
  • Develop a better mechanism for parent conferences. Students record video self-assessments? Require students to come and walk through their Moodle portfolio?
  • Have formative assessment early in the year that checks specific essential skills.
  • Use homeroom assignment, 1-on-1 conferences & extra-curricular activities to build more meaningful relations with students.