who needs textbooks? war poem presentations

I do a quick unit on war poetry (partly as a follow-up to All Quiet on the Western Front). I put together a small collection of World War One poets for modeling and practice, and then I give them a chance to go find their own war poems for presentations.

For less-confident students, I suggest doing poems by the same authors we read in class, but most students go off to look at other poets, some using links I give them to get started. The range is exciting. Here's this year's list:

The presentations went fairly well. This kind of close-reading is a new skill, and they all at least had the right idea. This year I had a specific day on which I checked annotated poems and that paid off. I need to focus more or oratory competency skills, and some kids would benefit from a lectern I think.

On a side note, the PowerPoints were less offensive than usual, and several of them were actual artful and nice to look at. Way to go IT teacher!