book sale

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One of the issues of living abroad is limited access to English books. Of the bookstores in town (and probably in the country), but only the downtown Akateeminen can be counted on for a full selection in English, and there one pays dearly imported books: paperbacks cost 12-15€. (I don't begrudge the Finnish books the shelf space or the price protection -- keeping a publishing industry going with only 5 million language users requires some sacrifice.) Helsinki has great second-hand bookshops, but they tend to have odd selections of English books -- lots of Leon Uris and Dick Francis. I go to London once or twice a year and stock up (Foyle's, Daunt, Oxfam) and the city library has a great English selection, but I also take advantage of the annual Akateeminen book sale. They have a catalog of books to choose from, including about 50 in English. This this year's lot, about 5€ each.

I've read The Bell Jar before but it was for school, and Androids I read when I was quite young and I'd like to have it even for reference. They all go into The Stack.